Josh + Lars Hawaii Couple Adventure Session

Lars and Josh were set up by Josh’s brother. They’d never been on a blind date before and when I asked if they were at least looking forward to the blind date Josh goes, “Well at least I was!” We all died laughing. There was definitely more to the story so I asked her to explain what happened.

So they both moved to Hawaii to go to college and apparently while they were there Josh worked his BUTT off to win Lars over. She said no over and over and this lasted about SEVEN months!!! Literally in AWE I asked when she FINALLY said yes!? Josh told us that he really started being persistent the last month. And when I say persistent I mean he sent flowers, letters and asked her out EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A MONTH.

Like WHAT!?? That is some Nicholas Sparks ish right there. I died when they told me this. Lars said she finally said yes after a month and they had been together ever since.

If that isn’t enough – these two went on a trip to New Zealand together. Josh literally explained it like this, “Well I knew I wanted a beautiful view and a hike and maybe a horseback ride to propose and then we found some horses and they took us up to a cliff in New Zealand so I popped the question.”


But fo’ real – He was THAT nonchalant about all of it. Like “Oh yeah it happened to be perfect so I proposed.” Obviously she said yes and they’ve been married 3 years now. They live in Hawaii and are the cutest surfer babes I have ever seen. They even rolled up to our shoot with their surfboards strapped on their car and they were wearing their “surf rings”. They said they’d been surfing every day that week together.

Now they are the cutest photography/video couple ever and you should def go follow both of them bc their life is a dream. So glad I got to meet you two!!

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