Arica + James White Sparrow Wedding | Texas Wedding Photographer

James and Arica met in their hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They were both bartenders in the downtown area and their mutual friends set them up! James asked Arica out immediately and planned their entire first date. After a few dates James asked Arica to go to Texas with him to visit his entire family for his grandmother’s birthday. After that, the two were inseparable and were together 2 years before deciding to move to Texas. Arica told me she was hesitant to move for a man, but she knew she wanted to spend forever with this one and she would go anywhere for him. TALK ABOUT ADORABLE.

When I met James and Arica, they had been together for almost 8 years – and they were the most in love couple I had ever seen. Their wedding day was elegant and timeless. The entire wedding reflected who these two were as a couple. It highlighted their values and their love. It showed the truth of what it means to be a family. Before they were even married, these two families were already one. From that first meeting for James’ grandmother’s birthday, Arica became a part of that family. And James quickly followed suit with Arica’s. From Aunts doing the flower arrangements and beautiful florals, to the dessert table FILLED with homemade goodies from loving relatives.

Coming together as 2 families to marry 2 people is always something beautiful to see, but Arica and James’ wedding day was like no other. There were not 2 different families that day at all. It was just one big beautiful family loving on their loved ones.

Arica + James Getting Ready-232.jpg2019-06-12_0001.jpg2019-06-12_0002.jpg2019-06-12_0003.jpgArica + James Getting Ready-142.jpg2019-06-12_0005.jpg2019-06-12_0006.jpgArica + James Getting Ready-297.jpgArica + James Getting Ready-394.jpg2019-06-12_0009.jpg2019-06-12_0010.jpgArica+JamesPortraits-47.jpgArica+JamesPortraits-51.jpgArica+JamesPortraits-66.jpgArica+JamesPortraits-132.jpg2019-06-12_0017.jpg2019-06-12_0013.jpgArica+JamesReceptionn-157.jpg2019-06-12_0016.jpgArica+JamesReceptionn-172.jpg2019-06-12_0021.jpg

Venue: The White Sparrow