Texas Couple Session | Whataburger + Bluebonnets

Hope + Jorge had me take couple pics for them last year after me and Hope became friends on Instagram! They had recently got married and needed a new go-to photographer in the area and I was like UMM YES. Bc they are the most FUN PEOPLE EVER. Last year, our shoot was literally In Bass Pro and we ran around the parking lot in shopping carts, took photos by the lake and included their cutie pup. SO FUN.

This year, Hope messaged me for a special shoot. After years in Oklahoma and lots of hard decisions, long nights in law school (because Jorge is a BAD. ASS. LAWYER) and years of wanting to move to Texas they were TAKING THE PLUNGE. This summer these two finally move back to the greatest state of Texas and wanted an all out Texas themed shoot to announce the big move.

OBVIOUSLY – I was down. So we went to a Whataburger, did the best photoshoot OF ALL TIME and then hit the bluebonnets. I pulled up and saw their outfits and shirts from Texas Humor and seriously DIED & hope just goes, “oh just wait until our second outfits.”

Let me just say – this was one of the funnest shoots I’ve ever done and I am so happy I am from the best state in the world. Love you two and SO ready to have y’all in TEXAS!!!

Jorge + Hope Texas Session-181.jpgJorge + Hope Texas Session-150.jpgJorge + Hope Texas Session-151.jpgJorge + Hope Texas Session-127.jpgJorge + Hope Texas Session-65.jpg