Grant + Zoe’s Romantic Woodland Wedding | Austin, TX

Grant and Zoe were set up by Zoe’s best friend. They were both reluctant to even go on the blind date initially, but they gave in and went anyways. They joke about how neither of them were looking forward to it or even wanted to go. That first night they talked about EVERYTHING and saw each other a couple of more times before Zoe had to fly back home to Dallas. Grant being from D.C. made the relationship full of flights and weeks apart. But it was worth it, because after the first few dates they knew they were meant to be together and a few months, Grant proposed on a hike in North Dallas and surprised Zoe with a house full of her family and friends to celebrate after.

They got married at The Addison Grove in Austin, TX. The wedding was beautiful, romantic and timeless. Absolutely no one at that wedding was from or lives in Austin. You see, Grant and his family live in Washington DC. Zoe’s family lives in Colorado and Zoe and her friends live in Dallas. Soo they all just met in Austin. And it was a PACKED HOUSE. If that doesn’t show you how loved and wonderful these two are then just keep reading. The whole day was absolutely powerful. That is the best word I could come up with. At the beginning of the ceremony it started to lightly sprinkle, but after a few minutes it started to pour on everyone. Everyone was getting soaked but there were only a handful of umbrellas to go around. But it was the most beautiful ceremony I have EVER been a part of. Because in the middle of the pouring down rain – we WORSHIPPED. Zoe stood in the rain without a care in the world, worshipping her savior with the love of her life. Grant stood, soaked through and through, smiling at his bride and absolutely beaming.

Every one of their friends in family sat in the crowd with jackets or umbrellas over their heads and smiles plastered on their faces like they all just won the lottery. No one moved, no one complained. They worshipped, took communion, cried and cheered. Zoe and Grant said their vows through all the rain and worshipped hand in hand. Because their focus was on a life together chasing their savior, not a perfect wedding day. And that made it the most perfect day of all. Right towards the end, the rain let up, the smoke bombs were released and they made the most epic exit of all time. We dried off Zoe with a leaf blower (not even kidding) and celebrated these newlyweds all night long. The reception was full of so many kind words, toasts and more dancing than you can imagine! Every person in that room shown with their love for this bride and groom.

Complete with crowd surfing, epic dance moves and a maid of honor and best man shared birthday, Zoe and Grant not only celebrated each other but they loved on every one of their guests before they were sent away with a gorgeous sparker send off into their honeymoon and a life of love together as husband and wife.

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Vickers!!!



Venue: The Addison Grove

Event Planning: Eclipse Event Co.

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cake

Event Lighting: Intelligent Lighting Design

ILD Home

DJ: LeFforce


Caterer: PEJ Events


Party Supply & Rental Shop: Premiere Events


Wedding Dress: Lovelybride