4 Tips To Prepare You For Your Photoshoot

Let’s be real – unless you are a freaking model or famous, we are NOT used to being in front of the camera and sometimes it can be HELLA stressful to get prepared for it! I wrote this blog for YOU. No one LOVES to be in front of the camera and planning or a photo session has many different moving parts. MY job is to help with that stress by giving you practical steps and tips to prepare you for it!!! So here are my 4 tips on how to prepare for your photoshoot!

1. Choose a location that is special to YOU. When choosing a location, I have so many people get overwhelmed with where they want their photos. Before you do anything – narrow down the options by deciding what STYLE of photos you want. Do you want city, modern, landscapes in the background? Do you want a beach session with waves, swimming, sand and palm trees? Do you want mountains and nature and a shoot filled with trees, mountains, and fields? If you still have absolutely no idea – think about specific places that our special to you and your relationship. Is there any locations that major life events happened? Where you first said I love you, where he proposed, a family vacation that brought you together. Doing your photos somewhere that already holds a special place in your heart can sometimes be one of the sweetest things you can do.

2. Prepare multiple outfits. If you are stressed as hell about what the heck to wear – my biggest suggestion is pick outfits that are YOU and that you feel like yourself in. If your outfits make you uncomfortable, your photos will look uncomfortable too. But when preparing outfits, stick to neutral colors and multiple styles. Bring a casual, dressy, in between, multiple colors, etc. This way on the day of you can choose your outfits based off of what will look good with your location, what you are feeling, etc. It will also give you variety in your photos rather than just being stuck with one outfit the entire time!

3. Get to know your Photographer. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. If you aren’t comfortable with the human behind the camera then you definitely won’t feel comfortable in FRONT of the camera. It is so so so important to become FRIENDS with your photographer. There is such a difference in how you will act, how comfortable you will be to kiss and do silly poses and how your photos will look depending on if you are comfortable with who is taking your photos. Taking pictures is already a little stressful – BUT your photographer makes ALL the difference in how comfortable you are!


4. Consider Hair + Makeup. This isn’t necessarily a MUST, but I will say that if you are picky on hair and makeup then consider getting it professionally done. Professionals know what they are doing and what might feel like overkill to us will photograph REALLY well especially if you are like me and used to wearing little to no makeup – it will def make a difference in photos and is something to consider! You also may feel more confident in how you look if a professional has taken care of this part!

I SO hope this helped you and takes some stress off of you as you prepare for your photoshoot. If you do all of these, I promise that your photoshoot will be SO much less stressful. Now go out and strike that Tyra Banks pose and GET ITTTTTT!!!