Oregon Family Adventure Session | Ecola State Park, OR

Kasia messaged me to set up an adventure style family session when she found out I was going to be in Oregon. I could NOT wait. We had so much fun planning outfits and locations that were perfect to tell THEIR story. I remember driving down the winding backroad in Ecola State Park on our way to the beach hand the trees kept getting more and more BREATHTAKING. When we pulled up to the beach I legit teared up because the coast was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t believe this was going to be our backdrop for the photos I got to create.

We started by adventuring through the woods and singing and dancing to songs form the Greatest Showman. The girls were TROOPERS as we hiked deeper in to the woods and ran around sitting on logs and running through the trees. After that we changed outfits and went down to the beach to set out the most magical little picnic. We made the mistake of laying everything out and then not letting the kids eat any of it (poor girls were starving and just staring at the beautiful platter off untouched food). We let them grab a few handfuls of food before we went to take some more pictures by the water. Meanwhile – a seagull almost came and stole the entire picnic. We all died laughing and all ran hysterically towards the picnic to shoo the seagull away and then continued to devour the slightly sand covered food (it was still good – ask the girls).

Why am I telling you all of this? Because this is what I live for. This is the behind then scenes of every photo I share and what brings them to life. Yes, we got beautiful pictures, but what you don’t see is the greatest showman songs we were belting out in between shots, the sand covered feet as we ran around on the beach and then the 2 minutes the food lasted before we all devoured it. I absolutely love my job and every single little adventure that comes with each photo I have the privilege of taking.