Kally + Jorge’s Florida Destination Wedding

I met Jorge through one of my really good friend, Eric, from my Crossfit gym. He told me his brother was getting married and having a destination wedding and I should meet him and his fiancé and do their wedding. I had only met Jorge a couple of times before they got engaged and I went to ether engagement party at their parents house! I remember taking my camera to take pictures for them and literally falling in LOVE with Kally – she is one of those people that never meets a stranger and makes every person she meets feel loved and happy and wonderful.

After that, we were just destined to be friends. Kally and Jorge ended up booking me and we would get coffee monthly just to talk wedding details, life, future plans and talk about our pups. They are some of those people that just give you life when you’re around them so I was 10000% down to just hangout often. Being a part of their wedding planning process was one of my favorite things. I would sit down with Kally and dream up her photos, reception, venue, details, and so much more. We would freak out about how much we love the beach and how beautiful everything would be.

When the wedding weekend finally got here it was a whirlwind of just family, fun and genuine celebration. This is why I love destination weddings so much. All their loved ones and friends came in a few days before the wedding and they did their bachelorette and bachelor parties a couple of nights before the wedding all together in Florida. Their family and friends got to spend an entire weekend celebrating them, loving one them and being together. The night before the wedding we rehearsed on the beach and then had the most intimate dinner in a beautiful hotel while it poured rain outside. The bridesmaids all stayed together in one airbnb so it felt like a big sleepover when everyone woke up to get ready together the next morning. Then new all carpooled to the beach and Kally and Jorge said ‘I do’ on the sandy beaches of southern Florida.

It was so beautiful and intimate. We chose a spot one the beach rented the little area and then ran up and down the beach for photos. By sunset, the sky and the water was a beautiful pink and purple as it set behind the waves. And then we PARTIED. HARD. There was so much dancing, the sweetest words from loved ones that moved me to tears and lots of love at the end of the night. What I loved the most was it was about THEM. It was about family, loved ones and the love that Kally and Jorge shared, and the entire weekend was built around being together and celebrating that very thing

Kally + Jorge – I love love love you two!!!!

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