Lyndsey + Drew | Texas Engagement Session

Lyndsey was working with Drew’s sister at an animal clinic in Gainesville when they met. Drew had to bring in his childhood dog and they instantly hit it off. It’s funny being in this industry and hearing about everyone’s stories because God works in crazy ways and is USUALLY when we least expect it. Neither of these two were looking to get in a relationship but God had other plans and in then midst of that season they found who they would one day marry.

These two are the SWEETEST couple ever. Lyndsey and Drew scheduled their adventure shoot in November of 2019. I remember Lyndsey texting me asking if we could move up their session because they got horrible news that their beloved dog, Tyson, was sick and they weren’t sure how much longer they had with him. We moved up their session so that they could make sure to get photos with this part of their little family and I look back on these pictures and they are some of my favorites I have ever taken. Because I know how much they mean to Lyndsey and Drew. They will forever have these memories of their happy and healthy pup, these photos will never fade, they will never get sick and they will never disappear.

THAT is why I love my job. I want to capture who you love, what you love and everything about it because memories can stay with you forever. This past year I had the privilege of capturing more moments, relationships & memories than I could ever have dreamed of, including these two getting married. But to be able to do that, you HAVE to be willing to go the extra mile for your clients. And right now, to be able to capture these memories that may be fleeting, I would do anything to do that and that is why i am so unbelievably honored to get to what I do.

Now these two are happily married and loving on another wonderful pup, but Tyson will forever be their baby and these photos will forever be able to remind them of those memories.

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