The Great Sand Dunes National Park Adventure Session

You will never believe what it took to climb these dunes.

Think of a MOUNTAIN that you must hike miles to get to the top. Then make that mountain out of sand. Yup. We hiked UP miles of sand for over an hour, getting PELTED with sand every time the wind blew (and it blew often and it blew HARD), and we still didn’t even make it to the top. I had one of those moments once we were almost there – feeling like I could legit pass out, finally making it to the top of what I thought was the entire mountain and seeing that we weren’t even halfway. 😅

Needless to say, we settled for the view right before the top because it was that hard and we couldn’t go anymore. After hiking up and taking cover from the sand storm, we settled into a spot in between dunes and had the best time of our lives just running around, playing, and creating magic.

It was one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen because I had truly never been anywhere like this before or seen anything close to these dunes. We could’ve stayed there for hours and still not felt like we saw enough.

Afterward we hiked down and drove the hour back to our airbnb in the middle the desert and watched as a storm rolled in and the clouds turned pink and purple. The night was absolutely perfect and I would do it all over again if I could…

And that is why I do what I do. Because this soot in and of itself is a CRAZY adventure – we hiked, we played, we saw a place we had never seen before and it was amazing. But what is even more beautiful than these duns is the stories I get to capture. Bridgette and Chandler have been through so much just in the relationship. Finding each other, going through the mountains and valleys together and fighting for one another. LIfe is like that – it’s hard, sometimes you want to give up, but it is always worth it and the view at the top is to die for. And every part of life is an adventure. Bridgette and Chandler met during a really hard time in life but they were there for one another, holding one another up and pouring love into the other one. And now, almost 2 years in and they are climbing mountains, going on adventures and traveling the world together. No matter where I take photos – THAT is why I do it. To capture YOU, your story and your adventure. I love these two so much hand where God has them and what they are doing together. Enjoy a little part of their beautiful story!!