My photography business has been blended with my passion for travel and has slowly turned into a dream to capture love across the globe and God has turned that into a reality of being a destination wedding and elopement photographer.

After recently getting married in Colorado and ditching all wedding traditions, I have a huge passion to help other couples do the same by ditching the expensive and stressful wedding traditions and helping you get married in a BEAUTIFUL place you love and make it all about YOU and the marriage God is forming between you and the love of your life.

I believe photography is all about storytelling. I want to capture those REAL, messy, in between moments. I want to know how you fell in love - I want to capture those true laughs and giggles as you talk about it. If you’re okay with getting your feet muddy, having the wind and rain in your hair and want to go on an ADVENTURE rather than just a regular wedding - I’m your girl!!

I don’t want to just deliver you photos - I want to give you an EXPERIENCE. An adventure, full of real moments and memories that will forever take you back to those emotions and feelings you felt during this season. If that sounds good to you - let’s chat!!!

hey! i’m meg!

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My Philosophy

I have loved weddings for as long as I can remember. But more than weddings, I am obsessed with love. I have dreamed about my prince charming ever since I could walk. I longed to falling in love and getting married at 8 years old. I grew up on Disney movies and wanted to be a princess. I am a sucker for a good Rom-Com and I will bawl my eyes out at a good Nicholas Sparks movie any day of the week. Love is the most powerful thing on this earth and God has given me a passion for it like no other. To be able to be a part of someone’s love story, to be able to play the story-teller, to be able to capture something so much bigger than myself - that is why I love my job.

THAT is why this is my dream come true. And THAT is what I want to capture - YOU. No matter what your story looks like, it is beautiful and it is special and it is yours. There is nothing else in the world like it. And there is no cookie cutter relationship, wedding or mold that you should fit into because your love is unique and it is YOURS. I want to make your photos and your wedding day like that - completely unique to you. If you want to elope in the mountains, eat pizza on the beach with your other half, jump out of a plane on your wedding day, ride off into the sunset on horseback or have a small wedding with everyone you love - I’m there.

“On the day of our wedding Meg was so much more than our photographer, she was a friend that was cheering us on throughout the day.”

I want to give you an ADVENTURE, full of real moments and memories that will forever take you back to those emotions and feelings you felt during this season.