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Traveling is what I live for. I have bucket lists and bucket lists FULL of places I want to see and adventures I want to take. I truly believe in seeing the world for yourself, experiencing every piece of the creation The Lord made, and collecting memories along the way. I never want to stop discovering, I never want to stop boarding planes and looking at views that take my breath away. I dream of far off places and new passport stamps, and I feel truly ALIVE when I see places so big it reminds me how small I am. Breathing in the salt air at a beach or the crisp air of the mountains - I love it all!

If you’re like me and you couldn’t travel enough if you tried, look at my travel dates for the upcoming year! If I am already in a location you want to shoot at, you won’t have to pay ANY travel fees!!! I also have a bucket list down below and if you want to elope to any of these destinations, you will get my bucket list discount!!!

Let’s go on an adventure!!!

Check my dates below!! I LOVE travelling and if you want to travel to any of my bucket list locations for your shoot or wedding there could be a good discount!

November 15th - 17th: Oregon
February 2nd - 5th: Cancun
February 21st - 23rd: Northern Cali
March 13th - 18th: NYC
April 7th - 10th: Jamaica
April 14th - 16th: Utah
May 20th - 22nd: Florida
May 29th - June 4th: Oregon + Washington
June 21st - 28th: Morocco
June 29th - August 4th: Italy
August 5th - 14th: Greece
June: Scotland

Cascades National Park
Yosemite National Park
Death Valley National Park



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