Let the adventure begin!!! I am so glad you are here and taking the leap to make your day ALL about you two and your love! What I love about Destination weddings & elopements is the freedom to make absolutely everything about YOU. From the location down to how you spend your morning getting ready to say your vows, there are no rules when eloping and we can make your day ENTIRELY personal to you two. Do you love hiking and feel the mountains calling you? Would you rather be wearing hiking boots than high heels? Does traveling the world sound better to you than dancing to the cupid shuffle? Would you rather have your toes in the sand rather than on a dance floor? Then maybe an elopement is for you! An elopement is all about the EXPERIENCE, not the event. Let’s go on an adventure together and let me documents every single part of it. Whether that means riding a camel in the middle of the Sahara or snowboarding down the Alps in your wedding attire – I am there. Choosing to elope doesn’t mean not wanting others to be involved – it just means that you want your wedding day to be an adventure from the moment you wakeup to the moment you say your vows. And there are NO rules. Be YOU in every way possible and whatever ways that means. I am allll about the messy, REAL moments.


“BEST DECISION YOU WILL MAKE!!! In addition she is tremendous to work with. During our wedding she was part of the party and made the photography process feel so effortless and natural and I think that really comes out in the pictures. ”

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YOU have a story to tell, a moment in time to capture and memories to keep and I want to help you do all of that! And I take that as such a special and honorable task. Your story is SO special. I want to get to know YOU. I want to hear the entire love story and freak out with you on how you fell in love. I want to hear ALL of it! How you met, how you started dating, how he proposed, what you LOVE about each other - even down to what your favorite show is to binge watch together on Netflix.

That being said - If you just want a photographer to stand there and photos, I’m NOT your girl. BUT, if you want adventure, you don’t mind getting your dress dirty and you want those in between moments that capture who YOU are - I definitely am. I believe in the messy, candid REAL moments. The un-planned, un-posed memories. Because I want to capture how you FEEL. I want to capture how absolutely in love you are with the wind in your hair, maybe some dirt on your feet and all the love you could ever imagine crammed into one photo.

The most important thing to be is I want to be your FRIEND!!! I don’t want to just show up as another vendor on your wedding day. I want to be there for everything. I want you to feel like I am an extra bridesmaid. I want to be there every step of the way from freaking out with you over wedding colors to helping you get ready on the day of. I won’t just take pictures, I will hold shoes, fix hair, touch up makeup, bring you champagne, hold your dress when you have to pee, etc. I do wedding photography because I LOVE it. I love capturing YOUR love. And I want to celebrate my FRIENDS all day long.

“Meg won’t just be your wedding photographer. She will be your friend and cheerleader throughout the day, hyping you up and making you feel your most beautiful! Throughout our entire wedding, Meg captured the best moments by truly getting to know our family, friends, and guests and building intentional relationships with them so that everyone felt comfortable. ”

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“If you’re looking for someone that will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and make your time with her feel more like hanging out with a friend rather than being at a formal photo shoot, Meg is hands-down your girl!. ”

I am not just some random photographer, and our session won’t just be like any old photoshoot. It is so important to me to get to know YOU and capture THAT. You can expect to grab drinks together before we even start shooting so that I can hear YOUR story. I truly believe photography is a artful storytelling. To tel your story, I need to know all about YOU. That way as we plan your session we can make it as specific as you two. If you have a dog together that is your other half, bring him! If you LOVE pizza and picnics are special to you and your story, why not incorporate that!? If you two are beer experts then we will bring your favorites! If what you LOVE doing together is hiking and camping – let's find an epic trail and DO IT. WHATEVER it is – I want everything about your session to scream YOU. So my question is – you ready to make some REAL magic together!?

Choosing between 1 & 2 Hours!? They both come with my initial consultation (aka coffee and drinks to hang and become bffs) and my Personal Outfit Guide and Pinterest Board. I want to do everything I can to make you feel prepared and comfortable! The main difference between 1 and 2 hours is the amount of outfit changes and images you will receive back. My 1 hour comes with 2 outfit changes and at least 75 edited images. My 2 hour session comes with up to 4 outfit changes, 2 location options and at least 125 edited images. I do recommend 2 hours simply because it takes about 30 minutes to get warmed up and feel completely comfortable in front off the camera so this gives us enough time to get used to it, get all of our adventures and looks in and get to making real MAGIC. If you have any questions contact me!!

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