Reagan + Tyson Sedona Couple Adventure Session | Cathedral Rock, Arizona

Let me just say – Sedona does NOT disappoint. Hiking, views, good food, & wonderful company. I would seriously go back in a heartbeat.

I’ve got to be honest. These two MADE my experience. I have made SO many sweet friends in this business. Also – Reagan and Tyson’s love story is SO SWEET. They told me all the details as we practically scaled the side of a mountain (my favorite way to hear stories tbh).

SOO – Reagan knew Tyson’s brother and had both of them on Facebook. One day Reagan couldn’t get ahold of Tyson’s brother, so she randomly had to reach out to Tyson himself on FB to get some information from him. She never even thought anything of it (lol). They (Reagan and Tyson’s brother) actually tried setting up Tyson with Reagan’s sister at one point but NOPE. After random chats online, they decided to hangout and OBVI they were meant to be and fell in love while Reagan was in RUSSIA. Y’all, this girl is my spirit animal. She was traveling around the world, teaching English and living her dreams, and God just threw Tyson at her and it was all over. Years and one baby later, they are more in love than ever and you’d think they were still those young and in love teenagers.

I was going to be in Arizona for a wedding in Phoenix and I couldn’t pass up shooting in Sedona while I was there. It was only an hour and a half away, so I searched for a couple to come adventure with me. When Reagan said she’d LOVE to do a shoot, I was FLOORED. Dreams do come true, y’all. Adventure sessions have always been my dream. Eventually, I want to do mostly adventure shoots and elopements like this. And Reagan and Tyson drove about THREE hours just to meet me in Sedona for the afternoon, do one heck of a hike and drive back. SO. DANG. SWEET. And now I have some the sweetest friends EVER in Arizona and you better believe I will be going back!

We scaled the side of a mountain, changed outfits behind bushes, and almost got blown off these cliffs from the most INSANE wind I’ve ever experienced – & Reagan and Tyson were down for ALL of it. At one point we literally had to climb up the side of a cliff with nothing but the crevice in between two huge slabs of red rock to hold on to. I WAS LIVING FOR IT. When we finally got to the top of that part some people passed us and just said, “You’re almost halfway!” Me and Reagan just looked at each other, completely thinking that that climb meant we were finally to the top, and we just started cracking up. “We might as well go all the way since we made it this far!” Best sentence anyone could say to me! MIGHT AS WELL, RIGHT!?

We hadn’t come this far to not make it to THE. VIEW. So that’s what we did. We chatted about life, love, relationships, jobs, traveling and family all the way to the top and then saw some cutie dogs on the way back down. And we got some BOMB shots and I was freaking out behind the camera. I am forever obsessed with Arizona & cannot wait to get back and visit these new precious friends of mine. Love y’all!!

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