Big Sur Elopement | California Wedding Photographer

I have had a dream to drive the California Coast down Highway 1 for what feels like forever, stopping along all the beautiful spots and taking my time to take pictures of absolutely everything I could. I had always put it off because I couldn’t find anyone to come with me until I met Chelsea. We met at a workshop in Oahu, Hawaii. Both photographers, both obsessed with traveling. And she just o happened to live in California. So we started planning our trip. Leaving from Sonora (North Cali) and driving all the way down to LA and then visiting Joshua Tree at the end. Scheduling shoots all along the coast.

I borrowed a dress from an amazing boutique, “Wear Your Love,” and had a DREAM to set up a styled elopement shoot, I just needed the right couple. After my first couple fell through, we scrambled looking for someone to model for us. Chelsea texted her friend Rosendo and asked if he could. She didn’t even know he was dating anyone but hoped he could find someone to model with him. When he said yes we were so ecstatic, we could just DREAM of what these pictures would look like.

And then we met Jessica. Not only was Rosendo dating someone, but they had the cutest story ever. They worked together at different branches of the same company, and both always had crushes on the other after they met at many company wide weekends and meetings. The company flew everyone out to Florida for a conference and they eyed each other the entire weekend. Their coworkers even emailed them about how obvious it was that they liked each other. Then Jessicas friend CC’d Rosendo in the email gossiping about her crush and let the cat out of the bag COMPLETELY. Jessica was mortified, but Rosendo was ecstatic and made his move. He emailed back and got Jessica’s number and asked her out. Since they lived in different cities, Rosendo drove up to see Jessica almost every weekend in San Fransisco and the rest is history. When we took these pictures they had just started dating (cute date at the beginning of a relationship amiright? Let’s go get fake married a month in lol). And now they are in love, traveling together and even cuter then they were when they let us photograph them on the beaches of Big Sur.

One of my favorite shoots to date…

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